Boxing Australia (Tasmania) Incorporated (BAT) and its member associations aim to strengthen members of the Tasmanian Boxing Community, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. We provide safe training environments that instill athleticism, cooperation, sportsmanship, commitment and self-confidence. We strive to promote a sense of community for our athletes and to make the broader Tasmanian Community proud.

Boxing Australia (Tasmania) Inc. is a member of Boxing Australia Ltd, which is the national federation for amateur boxing. Boxing Australia administers Australia’s Olympic representative boxers and develops the sport through its member associations.

Boxing Australia is recognised as the National Sporting Organisation for Boxing by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), the Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA), and the Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA).

All boxing members of Boxing Australia (Tasmania) Inc. may aspire to state, national or international selection.